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How to choose climatic test chamber – Temp. changing rate

Ordinary temperature test chamber does not have the cooling rate index, from the ambient temperature to the nominal minimum temperature of the time is generally 90 ~ 120min. High and low temperature alternating test chamber, high and low temperature alternating hot and humid test chamber have the requirements of temperature change, the temperature rate according to general requirements is 1 / min, in this rate within the speed is adjustable. The temperature change rate of the rapid temperature change test chamber is faster, the heating rate and the cooling rate can reach 3 / min ~ 15 / min, and the heating rate can reach 30 / min or more in some temperature range under the test of sailham customized chambers.


The temperature rapid-changing range of the test chamber is generally the same, that is, -60 ~ + 130 , temperature range is -55 ~ +80 , and some are -40 ~ +80 .

Besides, According to the type of changing mode, there ara linear changing and non-linear changing, more information refer to our following articles.


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