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How to choose climatic test chamber – control mode

Temperature humidity chamber usually can be used as a constant test chamber or Temp. alternating test chamber.

Ordinary high low temperature test chamber generally refers to the constant high low temperature test chamber, the control mode is: set a target temperature, test chamber with automatic temperature to the target temperature point. Control mode for Constant temperature and humidity chamber is also similar to that, set a target temperature and humidity, test chamber with automatic temperature to the target temperature and humidity point.

psb (5).jpg    controller.jpg 

Fix mode: The lowest temp. at -70C for the chamber

High low mperature alternating test chamber with one or more cycle of programs of high and low temperature changes, the test chamber has the ability to complete the test according to the preset curve, and can be the maximum temperature, cooling rate capacity range, precise control Temperature, temperature, that can be set according to the slope of the curve control temperature and cooling rate. Similarly, high and low temperature alternating hot and humid chamber also has the ability to preset temperature, humidity curve, and to control according to the preset.

Of course, the alternating test chamber has a constant function of the test chamber, but the cost of alternating test chamber is higher, because the alternating test chamber to be equipped with a curve automatic recording device, program control device, the price of alternating test chamber than the constant test chamber price is generally higher than 20%. Therefore, we should be realistic to the needs of the test method as the starting point, the choice of constant test chamber or alternating test chamber.

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