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How to choose climatic test chamber - Temperature range

Temperature range for the climatic test chamber


At present, the scope of foreign temperature test chamber is roughly -73 ~ +177 , or -70 ~ + 180 . Most domestic manufacturers are generally -80 ~ +130 , -60 ~ +130 , -40 ~ +130 , there are also with high temperature to 150 . These temperature ranges are usually sufficient to meet the needs of the vast majority of domestic military and civilian product temperature tests, unless the special needs, such as the installation location close to the engine and other heat sources, which should not blindly increase the temperature limit. Because the higher the upper limit temperature, the greater the temperature difference inside and outside the chamber, the uniformity of the flow field is also worse inside the chamber, and the smaller the available size of the chamber. On the other hand, the higher the upper limit temperature, the higher the requirements for insulation materials (such as glass wool, etc.) the higher the requirements for heat resistance, so the higher the cost of making the chamber.

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