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How to choose ozone aging test chamber

So many online description of ozone aging chamber products, but how to choose it, from what consideration, to choose a cost-effective machine which the boss satisfied with. In the selection of ozone aging test chamber, we often tangle such a problem, do not worry about that, let Sailham give you some tips:

1. Controller of ozone aging test chamber

Controller is the command and control center of the entire machine, acting as a coordinator for the entire human brain when it comes to activities. We recommend selecting a touch screen controller for ease of operation. In addition, such a controller should have high efficiency on control over temperature and ozone, accurate control, self-tuning time is shorter than the average controller, which is reliable, accurate and so on. 

2. Fixture of ozone aging test chamber

Ozone aging chamber according to customer demand differences, can do dynamic and static, customers can choose their own test needs. Static: Place the test sample in a direct test on the sample holder. Dynamic: The sample is clipped to the dynamic fixture of the device to see the aging under the dual effects of mechanical fatigue and ozone accelerated aging.

Ozone aging test chamber.jpg

3. Configuration of ozone aging test chamber

Such as: 

1) Air circulation device: whether it is built-in circulating air duct, this is the key to ensure the flow of air

2) Configuration is whether the electromagnetic air pump, which can provide high-quality gas source, oil-free drying, to ensure long-term reliability of the gas system.

3) Should have the following safety protection devices: power overload, short circuit protection, control circuit overload, short circuit protection, ground protection., Over temperature protection, alarm signal prompts, water protection etc..

4. After-sales service

The above three points are the key to consider the performance of the ozone aging chamber, but generally we also need to consider the qualification of manufacturers: such as service, technical support, etc. Among the manufacturers qualifications, after-sales service will be our key consideration.

The following are the service content for ozone aging test chamber:

1) In strict accordance with the order delivery date, and sent to do the skills of personnel on-site equipment training and debugging skills.

2) Ozone aging chamber and other climate chambers are with 1 year warranty, with regular return visit.

3) After the warranty period, such as there’s any troubles for ozone aging chamber, will be on-site service, and only charge costs.


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