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Water-cooled Xenon Aging Chamber (Drum type)

ZH-XLW-512(D) Xenon Aging Test Chamber (Water-cooled)

(340nm, 420nm, 300~400nm, 280~800nm optional)


The chamber conforms to the standard: GB/T16422.1-2006, GJB150.7A, IEC 62930, GBT2423.24-2013 and other test standards, (control at 300-400nm, 420nm, 340nm are optional) and so on.

The Chamber is to determine the color fastness, aging resistance of textiles, plastics, coatings, rubber products or other materials by objecting to the simulated conditions of nature weather (sun, rain, temperature and humidity, etc.).

1. Technical parameters.


National patent No.




Interior size


Drum diameter: 500mm appr., fixture 75*150mm, can put about 40 pieces of sample

Exterior size

W1300×D1450×H2050mm (appr.)

Temperature range


Temperature deviation

±2  (without lighting)

Humidity range

2098R.H (Temperature control from 20C to +85C)

Humidity deviation

±3%R.H(Humid.75%R.H); ±5%R.H(Humid.75%R.H) without lighting

Temperature & humidity curve


Irradiance source

Xenon arc lamp, 1 piece, water cooled (power: 4.5KW/6.5KW)

Raining time

1999min (adjustable)

Raining period

1240min, interval or continue spay optional

Wave length range

(340nm, 420nm, 300~400nm, 280~800nm optional)

Light irradiance

300~400nm - 30W/m2 ~ 60W/m2

Black panel Temp.

45~85(±3), or customized.

Chamber material

Inner wall: 304# SUS;

External material: Quality painted shell or 304#SUS optional

Sample holder

304# SUS drum

Cooling method

Water cooled (cooling machine / chiller is optional to purchase)