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IPx3~6 Water proof test chamber

IPx3~6 Water Proof Test Chamber



The machine uses the artificial simulated rainfall environment to test the waterproof ability of the tested products according to the international standard requirements; it is designed and manufactured in accordance with IEC60529: 2001 "Degrees of security provided by enclosures (IP Code)", GB4208-2008 "Enclosure protection class (IP code)" 14.2.5, 14.2.6 terms and Figure 6 and GB7000.1 "lamps first part: general Requirements and tests "9.2.6, 9.2.7 and Figure 9.5 requirements, and IP34 test.

IPx34 test

1) Water spray ring radius: 400mm

2) Water storage tank: Water can be recycled.

3) Water spray hole diameter (mm): φ0.4

4) Inner diameter of pendulum tube: 16mm

5) Flow rate per spray hole: 0.07 L/min + 5%

6) Turntable diameter: φ400MM

7) Load of sample turntable: 20kg

8) Speed: 1-20 rpm / minute

9) Sprinkler swing angle range: 45°, 60°, 90°180° (Theoretical value, appr.)

Nozzle angle: 120°(IPX3), 180°(IPX4)

Swing angle: 120°(IPX3), 320 (IPX4)

10) Water pressure control: flow meter

IPx56 Test

1) The high-pressure spray pipe is installed on the back side and is welded by stainless steel. It is connected with the tank. The spray pipe is installed in front and rear and a bracket. The height of the bracket can be adjusted.

2) Sprinkler system: consists of water pump, water pressure gauge and fixed nozzle bracket

3) Install 2 water jet heads, one for IPx6 and the other one for IPx5.

 Nozzle: in accordance with the specifications of IEC60529 system (as shown below)