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IPx9K High temperature water proof test chamber

High Temperature Water Proof Test Chamber (IPx9K)



Application: It is applicable to the inspection of electrical products with enclosure protection level IEC (IP supplement code, enhanced test), and it is produced according to the relevant rules in the standard of DIN40050. In order to provide automotive parts, electrical and electronics industries, waterproof testing test machines designed to simulate natural environments or human factors, the company has other models that meet the different specifications of countries around the world for customers to choose.

1. Meet the standards.

1. DIN40050-9 IP rating of enclosure protection grade

2. IEC60529 electrical enclosure protection classification level (IP) code

3. ISO16750-1 Road vehicles Environmental conditions and tests for electrical and electronic equipment (general regulations)

4.ISO20653 road vehicles-protection level (IP code)-protection of foreign objects, water and contact of electrical equipment

5.General requirements for GMW 3172 vehicle environment, reliability and performance

6, VW80106 general test conditions for electrical and electronic components on automobiles

7. QC / T 417.1 Vehicle wiring harness connector Part 1

1. Characteristic.

1) Test range: DIN40050-9 ISO20653

2) Inner size: W1000 × H1000 × D1000 (mm)

3) External size: W1500 × H1850 × D1200 (mm) appr.

4) Inner box material: SUS304 stainless steel, plate thickness 3MM

5) Outer box material: SUS304 stainless steel, plate thickness 2MM

6) Pipe diameter: DN20

7) Spray water pressure: 80 ~ 100bar (8000 ~ 10000Kpa) 100Kg - (81.5-101.9kg / cm2)

8) Water spray flow: 14 16L / min

9) Spraying distance: 10 15CM

10) Spray water temperature: 80 ℃ ± 5 ℃

11) Water spray angle and time: 0 °, 30 °, 60 °, 90 °, water spray at each angle for 30 seconds

12) Number of water spray holes: 4

13) Turntable rotation speed: 5 rpm

14) Diameter of turntable: 40cm

15) Water spray frying interval time: 30S (can be set)

16) Running time control: 1min ~ 9999min (adjustable)

17) Water circulation system to ensure water source recycling

18) Water receiving surface: front of the product

19) Water spray pressure gauge: can display water spray pressure

20) Controller: 7-inch touch screen controller, full-color touch, data recording function.

21) Water spray pipe: high pressure stainless steel hydraulic pipe

22) Water tank material: SUS304 stainless steel

23) High temperature water tank temperature: up to 85 ℃ (hot water spray test, high pressure thermal spray)

24) Spray system: It consists of Italian high pressure and high temperature water pump, high pressure and high temperature water pressure gauge, high pressure and high temperature solenoid valve, and high pressure and high temperature hydraulic pipe.

25) Power supply: AC three-box five-wire 380V 50HZ

26) Total power: 7KW