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ZH-AD-800 Drop test machine (Single-wing)

ZH-AD-800 Drop test machine (Single-arm)

Drop test-single arm.png

The Packaging drop test machine is used to do the free-fall test for surface, corner, edge of packged products, with digital height indicator and height track by decoder, which can give accurate product drop height not exceed 2% or 10mm compared to preseting drop height.
The machine adopts single-arm or double-column structure, with electric reset, electric control drop and electric lifting devices, it's easy to use and operate; unique hydraulic Buffer greatly improve the service life of the machine, stability and security. Setting arm enable products to be placed easily, drop angle of the impact surface and the bottom plane angle error is less than or equal to 5 °.
Applicable standards: 
ISO 2248, JIS Z0202-87, GB/T4857.5-92, etc.

Outside material: advanced paint coatDisplay: LCD displayPower system:drive device (imported motor + speed reducer +Axel+ upper and lower limitation + spring +electromagnet) + dropping device(dropping standard board +magnet + safety spacing push rod + automatic return back + digital alto-meter +encoder + hydraulic pressure buffering device)Control system: adopting electromagnet sensor control, the interface is easy to operate, high degree automatic controlSafety device:upper and lower limitation device, automatic off-power device if electricity leakage occursAccessories:electric wire 1 piece, guarantee certificate 1 piece, operational manual 1 piece.
Technical parameters:

PowerAC380V/ 50Hz
Max. weight for Specimen60kg (can be customized)
Arm Size160*250*10mm for single-arm type
700×350 mm for double-arm type
Drop Error± 5
Drop modesRhombohedron, angle, face
Horsepower1/2 HP
Drop Height300~1500 mm
StandardISTA-1A, ISO 2248, JIS Z0202-87, GB/T4857.5-92
Drop Flat Error< 1º
Display MethodDigital height indicator (optional )
Transmit ApproachElectric Transmission
Outside Dimension (L×W×H)1700×1400×2015 mm (large size can be customized)
Specimen Max. Size (L×W×H)800 x 800 x 1000 mm (large size can be customized)
Weight (kgs)750