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ZHPCT test chamber

ZH-PCT -30 PCT pressure acclerated aging test chamber



1. Imported high-temperature solenoid valve dual structure, which extent reduced the use of failure rate mostly;
2. Independent steam chamber, to avoid direct impact of steam products, so as to avoid local damage to the product;
3. Door lock force-saving structure, to solve the difficulty of locking disc-type handle in the first generation of products;
4. Exhaust cooling air before test; cooling air design in test (air discharge in test bucket) to improve pressure stability
5. Ultra-long-term experimental operation time, test machine running for loing time about 1000 hours.
6. Water level protection, through the test room water level Sensor protection.
7.tank pressure design, the box pressure (140 ºC) 2.65kg, in line with water pressure test 6kg.
8. Two-stage pressure safety protection device, adopt two-stage combination controller and mechanical pressure protection device.
9. Safety protection push button, emergency safety device two-stage automatic push button.


1. Set the temperature: +100 ºC ~ +132 ºC (saturated vapor temperature)
2. Humidity range: 100% vapor humidity
3. Humidity control stability: ± 1% RH
4. Working pressure: 1.2 ~ 2.89kg (including 1atm)
5. Time range: 0 Hr ~ 9999 Hr
6. Pressing time: 0.00 Kg to 1.04 Kg / cm2 for approximately 45 minutes

Product parameters:

ModelZH-PCT -300ZH -PCT -400
Internal size (WxHxD)mmφ300x500φ400x550
External size mm(WxHxD) mmW650XH1100XD700W750XH1150XD800
Temperature Range100°C-125°C100°C-125°C
Humidity Range100% RH saturated steam100% RH saturated steam
Pressure Range+0-1kg/cm2Atmospheric Pressure+0-1kg/cm2Atmospheric Pressure