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ZH-XLW-150 Xenon lamp aging test chamber

ZH-XLW-150 Xenon lamp aging test Chamber (different size can be customized)


Xenon lamp aging test Chamber is used to determine the color fastness, aging resistance of textiles, plastics, rubber products or materials by objecting to the simulated conditions of nature weather (daylight, rain, temperature and humidity, etc.). The chamber simulates both light and dark cycles and nature weather conditions by rack sprays and the long-arc-xenon lamp equipped.   
1. Light intensity set digitally, real-time monitoring, automatically adjust to meet the different standards required for testing the stability of light source (optional 420nm; 340nm or 300-400nm band monitoring)
2. Blackboard Thermometer (BPT), the Standard Blackboard Thermometer (BST), Irradiance detector and samples placed in the same position, a true reflection of the sample under test conditions, the data displayed as figures, charts, curves on the large color screen, no need to stop for observation.
3. Detection and wireless transmission using light energy conversion technologies for energy, not the other home power supply.
4. 10.4 inch color display, a variety of test monitoring modes (animation, digital, graphics) operate easily and clearly.
5. Sample holders can be timed independently to achieve different tests simultaneity in the same machine
6. Imported Atlas Rated 6500W/4500W long-arc-xenon- lamp, it truly simulates the daylight spectrum.
7. Professional water circulation system, reduce operating costs.
8. Industrial temperature control (cooling) system offers quickly and smoothly control
9. Ultrasonic humidifier, professional dehumidification system to ensure accurate and stable humidity conditions.
10. With self-circulation system and air filtration system, significantly reducing the environmental requirements.
11. Cooled by circulating water chillers / water cooling two options to choose from.
12. Quality assurance of 1000 hours continuous running.

Product Specifications

Interior sizes  W500×D500×H600mm (customized)
Exterior sizesW1050×D1050×1750mm (or so)
Temp. range0ºC~80ºC
Controllerimported programmable 7inch touch screen
Materialinner and outer 304# stainless steel
Sample holderAluminum alloy frame base
Protection deviceresidual-current circuit breaker (RCCB) to control the warning for loop overload, thermal protection and water shortage protection.
Temp. deflection±2ºC  (without lighting)
Humid. range30%~98%R.H
Humid. deflection±2.5%R.H(Humid.≥75%R.H); ±3%R.H(Humid.≤75%R.H)(without lighting)
Light sourceimported full spectrum xenon arc lamp(average useful life 1600hrs)
Raining time1~9999min (adjustable)
Raining period1~240min, interval(cut)adjustable
lamp powerTest period for Temp., irradiation, condensation, spray can be adjustable
Wave length range290-800nm (other point 300~400nm, 300 or 400nm optional)
heating power (or so)4.0KW
humidification (or so)2.0KW
Light irradiance1200w/m2
Distance between arc center and sample holder:350~380mm
Revolving speed of sample holder≥1r/min
Water spray perioda. spray time: 0~99h59min (Continuing or adjustable)
b. stop time: 0~99h59min, (Continuing or adjustable) 
Lighting timeContinuing programming control available
Black panel temp.85±3ºC
Cooling methodMechanical wind cooling; Room temp. less than 26ºC is recommend, relative humid: ≤85%R.H; humid. and temp. tested after 2 hours under idle condition.