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Thermal shock test chamber (2 zone)

Thermal shock test chamber (different size can be customized)

Thermal shock chamber-2zone.jpg

Thermal shock chamber - 2 zone.jpg

Thermal shock test chamber is also known as rapid temperature changing test chamber, which is used to test the material structure or composite materials, that whether it can withstand the temperature continuous changes in an instant by the extremely high temperature and very low temperature environment, in order to test the chemical changes or physical changes caused by shortest possible time with heat or cold shrink.
It's applicable to objects, including metal, plastic, rubber, electronics and other materials, can be used as a basis for improvement of products as reference.
The equipment is divided into three parts: high temperature zone, low temperature zone, and test zone, (for 2-zone chamber, it's divided into three parts: high temperature zone, low temperature zone and nacelle for moving up and down with sample on it), and the test sample is completely static. Using a unique heat storage, storage structure, forced hot and cold air duct switch into the test area to complete the hot and cold temperature impact test.

1. Japan imported LCD touch controller.
2. Three sections: High temperature zone, low temperature zone, testing zone.
3. High formula memory capacity can store 120 patterns, 9999 cycles, setting time for each pattern is 9999 Hrs 59 Mins.
4. RS-485 communication interface device, capable of connectig with computer.
5. 2 zone or 3 zone shocks chamber available
6. For 2-zone chamber, it's divided into three parts: high temperature zone, low temperature zone, and nacelle for moving up and down with samples on it)
7. Automatically alarming and shutting down device. 8 Touch screen controller
8.  Best after sales service: One year free parts maintenance.
9.  Meet international test standards.
10. Customization is available & welcomed.

Product Specifications:

Inner size: WHD (cm)40*30*3550*30*4050*40*4050*50*4060*40*5060*50*50
External size: WHD (cm)150*180*150160*175*160160*185*160160*185*170170*185*170170*195*170
Temperature range (Test zone)High temperature:+60ºC~+200ºC; low temperature: -10ºC~-65ºC( A:-45ºC; B:-55ºC; C:-65ºC)
Heating TimeRT~200ºC about 30min
Cooling TimeRT~-70ºC about 85min
Temp. Conversion TimeLess than 10S
Temp. Recovery TimeLess than 5min
Temp. Deviation±2.0ºC
Temp. Fluctuation±0.5ºC
MaterialExternal material: SUS#304 Stainless steel plate; Internal material: SUS#304 Stainless steel plate
Set ModeChinese / English menu, touch button input
ControllerTato in Taiwan
Cooling SystemWater-cooled or air-cooled, Imported GEA Compressor in Germany
Protection devicesFuse switch, compressor overload switch, refrigerant high and low pressure, protection switch, super humidity over tempe. protection switch, fuse, failure warning system
PatrsViewing window;
Φ50mm (Φ100mm) access port or more available;
2 layers or more available

4 flexible footwheels
PowerAC380V 50/60Hz  Three-phase four-wire,  AC power
weight (kg)7507908308809501050