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Temp&Humid. Salt Spray Test Chamber

Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber



1. Introduction.

1) Corrosion of applied and unprotected metal materials is affected by many environmental factors, depending on the type of metal material and the type of environment, so chamber tests are designed to simulate the primary role of corrosion of metal materials. This equipment is designed to simulate the effects of simulated and increased environments on metal materials exposed to salt-contaminated and accelerated corrosive outdoor atmospheres. The equipment contains a test method for circulating the sample to a salt spray, dry, hot and humid environment. It is a comparative test, the test results can not be predicted in this environment under the use of the same kind of metal material corrosion resistance. It has the greatest advantage over conventional accelerated corrosion tests such as neutral salt spray test (NSS), acetic acid salt spray test (AASS), copper accelerated acetic acid salt spray test (CASS) Reproduction occurs in the outdoor salt pollution under the environment of corrosion.

2) The equipment applies to: metal and its alloys, metal cover (anode and cathode), conversion coating, anodized coating, metal materials, organic cover, etc.



Sample limited

The test equipment prohibits the testing of flammable, explosive and volatile substances; the test and storage of corrosive substances, biological tests, strong electromagnetic emission sources etc..

Volume, weight and size

Nominal volume

270 L (other volume models are available)

Inner size

900×600×500 (mm)      W×D×H  (other size models are available)

External size

2150×1150×1350 (mm)  appr.   W×D×H


340 kg

Working noise

≤ 75db measured in the air, 1 meter from the front of the machine and 1.2 meters from the ground

Power max.


Current max.




Power supply

· AC380V three-phase four-wire + protective grounding

· Voltage permissible fluctuation range: ± 10% V

· Frequency permissible: (50 ± 0.5) HZ

· TN-S power supply or TT mode power supply

· Protection ground wire grounding resistance is less than 4Ω

· Requires the user to configure the appropriate capacity of the air or power switch for the equipment, and this switch must be independently controlled for the device.


Functional requirements

1) (air) indoor space heating, humidification, dehumidification, spraying, defogging;

2) To reach the set temperature, humidity, spray in the chamber according to the parameters set;

3) Each function can be operated independently.

Meet the test standards - Test Methods

GB/T20854-2007/ISO14993-2001 Wet and dry salt spray test

GB-T5170.8-2008 Electrical and electronic products environmental test equipment inspection methods - salt spray test equipment

JJB150.11A-2009 - Military equipment laboratory environmental test method - Salt spray test

GBT2424.17-2008 Test Method for Salt Spraying

GB / T 2423.18-2000 Test method for alternating salt spray of sodium chloride

GB-T2423.3-2006 (IEC6008-2-78-2001) Test cab: Constant damp heat test method

GBT2423_4-2008 Test method for heat and moisture alternating test

Temperature and humidity range (climate test)

Temperature and humidity range

Temperature range: 20 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ adjustable

Humidity range: 30% ~ 98% R.H 


Control precision

Temperature resolution: 0.01 ;  Humidity resolution: 0.1% R.H.

Temperature deviation: ± 1.0 ;  Humidity deviation: ± 2% R.H.

Temperature uniformity: ± 2 ;   Humidity uniformity ± 3% R.H.

Temperature fluctuation: ± 0.5 ;  Humidity fluctuation: ± 2% R.H.

Heating rate

RT → +85 60 min

Test conditions

This machine complies with test method: salt spray test hot air forced drying test humidity test

A) Salt spray laboratory: NSS, ACSS, CASS

Chamber temperature: 20  ~ 85  can be set (salt spray corrosion test 35  ± 1  / 50  ± 1 )

Pressure barrel temperature: 47  ± 1  / 63  ± 1

Spray volume of 1.0 ~ 2.0 m1 / 80cm² / h (at least 16 hours to collect, take the average)

Relative humidity: 30% ~ 98% R.H.

Salt concentration: 5% or 5% concentration plus 0.26 g copper chloride (CuCl2 2H2O)

Spray pressure: 1.00 ± 0.01kgf / cm²

PH: Neutral test 6.5 ~ 7.2;  Acid test 3.0 ~ 3.3

Test plate installation angle: 15 ° ~ 30 °

B) Hot air drying test (DRY):

(1) Temperature: 60 °C ± 2 °C

(2) Humidity: RH30%

(C) Humidity test (SOAK):

(1) Temperature: 50 °C ± 2 °C

(2) Humidity: 95% RH or more