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Test chamber manufacturer – Two-day king Island group-building tour

We do not know when the double 11th national day is defined as the festival of singles, and we do not know when, this festival has developed into a national carnival. We are Dongguan Sailham Equipment Co., Ltd. is also not to bear the dawn of light brougth from the holiday festival, on November 11, 2020, organized by the Dongguan Corporation and Shenzhen Branch colleagues co-participated in a two-day and one night of the king Island group-building tour.


    At noon, everyone set out one after another from the company. Because of the orderly arrangement in advance, the entire journey is methodical. Location Although in Dongguan, the first to arrive is the Shenzhen branch of the partners, showing that they are enthusiastic. Just before arriving at the ferry crossing, I saw them beckoning on the ferry. We work closely, but only through QQ, wechat to exchange and interaction, to the real face to face, what can not be conveyed by those chat tools.


    (Let's ready for the barbecue together)


    Down to the ferry, greenery of King Chau across the river in sight. Although the beginning of winter, it is still warm as spring. A ferry traveling back and forth across the river and ferrying across the river. I saw the ferry to the center of the ferry from, after crossing the river, the stern began to exert force to the bow as a fulcrum, draw a semicircle. It turned out to be a drift. With the helmsman skilled technology, the right time to grasp, the ferry docked without exception on the edge of the ferry. 


    Let's first came to appreciate the activities of this first surprise.


   (Roast beef skewers need pay the most attention to the heating, we even can bake the beef to twelve ripeness. Do you believe it?)


    According to the pre-arranged schedule, I thought the event was over, ended in song. "Program Planning Committee" suddenly said to add a show. This program is called Blind Touch. In fact, this show is not a bit new, as a finale, it is too out of nothing. But well, you are beautiful and listen to you. "Program Director" arranged for the four contestants in advance, each distributing a red scarf, the eyes were covered. We give items to the players touch let him guess.



    When the items are restored, a three-layer cake comes up quietly. The original four colleagues will be birthday this month! Here, Happy Birthday!


    The following morning, on November 12, 2020, we rent bicycles separately and go around the continents. Island in the green, distribution of orchards, dishes and melon, a unique agricultural pastoral scenery. We ride along the main road, some of the long shadows on both sides of the road, some willows hanging sash, such a panoramic view. Of course, one of the fun is inseparable from the cooperation and playfulness of small partners. We stampede together, singing all the way, a little crazy.


 (A: happiness is actually very simple, that is, you step on the bike and step on the end of the world. B: step on the end of the world is simple?)


    After noon, lunch is completed, the tour of the two days and one night trip was ended. The mission built in order to take a longer road, full of vitality to meet tomorrow. During these two days, our body and mind have been extremely relaxed and the feelings between colleagues have been further enhanced. Have a new look at work. Not proud of the harvest, perseverance in the rugged. Seriously to the extreme on our products, sincerely service to be perfect. We believe a beautiful tomorrow is waiting for us! 

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